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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.1 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.1 of ARender.


‣ UI fixes

  • Fix issue for buttons that could not be hidden by JavaScript.

  • Fix issue when the DocumentBuilder panel was not shown at the startup.

  • Fix issue when the text into a Freetext annotation was overlapping the annotation borders.

  • Fix issue when the wrong ARender interface profile is loaded for a document reopened on another HMI.
  • Button configuration with non-local images is no longer supported.

‣ Rendition fixes

  • Fix issue for some PDF having blank page instead of images shown.
  • Fix issue when an installation of ARender Rendition in Windows without MS Office did not work.
  • Fix issue for custom tmp folder not cleared in service mode.
  • Fix issue on RHEL 8 when third parties were not installed with the installer.
  • Fix issue when the installer did not make the Rendition scripts executable.

‣ Kubernetes

  • Fix issue when the Broker micro-service was abnormally restarted if one or multiple other micro-services were down.

New Features:

‣ Rendition

  • Rendition silent installer can now install the service.
  • Rendition silent installer can launch the service directly after the installation.

‣ Kubernetes

  • Helm Chart: Add a PROVIDER_ENVIRONMENT property to choose between standalone and not standalone usage.

Performance and Monitoring:

‣ General

  • Each error message now details what to do, to fix the issue.

‣ Kubernetes

  • Broker logs were greatly reduced. Performance and Health have now a dedicated log file.


‣ General

Known issues:

No specific issues have been revealed by our QA team.