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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.11 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.11 of ARender.

Reminder: Multiple major security fixes have been added since the version 4.8.8: if you have not update to 4.8.8 yet, we highly recommend all our customers to update to version 4.8.11!



  • Microsoft Word bookmarks are now displayed
    • Rendition should be configured with Microsoft Office.

‣ Rendition

  • It is now possible to configure how many pages are processed at once when calling getPageContent() on a single page.

‣ FileNet

  • Logs are cleaner
    • The below error is not shown anymore as it is not relevant
      • ERROR log can be found in the log file Cannot use this method using null requestId


‣ UI fixes

  • Fix an issue when ARender metrics were incorrect due to document layout caching on the server side (Web-UI)
  • Fix an issue when the opening of a child document failed. 
    • Revert of its UUID failed

‣ Rendition fixes

  • Fix an issue when errors happened when multiple office documents with the same title were loaded.
  • Fix an issue when the weather score was not calculated correctly.
  • Fix an issue when a specific TXT file was shown with special characters instead of the letter Ê.
  • Fix an issue when the Rendition, which was started as a service, was exposing port 10000. Now an HTTP 404 is returned.
  • Fix an issue when a specific mail embedding a GIF was causing errors.
  • Fix an issue when, for a load of a mail with a document that failed upon conversion, the request to retrieve the DocumentLayout was blocked for at least 2-4min.
  • Fix an issue when the document opening metric was counted two times by AWS CloudWatch

Known issues

  • DirectOffice optional third party is not compatible with the Linux Rendition installer. It should be fixed in the next version.