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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.2 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.2 of ARender.

New Features:

‣ Generic Features

  • It is now possible to share cache between ARender UI using Hazelcast technology.
  • Add the support of video/mp2p format.
  • Handle Unicode content in mails containing RTF format.
  • Improve TIFF thumbnail quality.
  • Improve rendering of documents having pages with different widths.
  • Greatly improve video conversion time.

‣ JavaScript API

  • Provide a way to hide buttons at the document loading.


‣ General - External libraries' security flaws

‣ Filenet

  • Bug-fix when the position of the Sticky Note's pin moved after the annotation save.

  • Bug-fix when Link annotations could not be saved.

  • Bug-fix when print with watermark failed.

‣ Generic Fixes

  • Bug-fix when Thaï characters were not shown correctly on mails.

  • Bug-fix when the annotations were placed behind redactions at the print.

  • Bug-fix when the annotation edit mode was not exited correctly after a click on the top panel.

  • Bug-fix when saving failed for an empty Sticky Note.

  • Bug-fix when some TIFF could not be re-opened.

  • Bug-fix for specific the Rendition temp folder was not cleaned at the restart.

‣ OpenShift Fixes

  • Bug-fix when ARender UI docker images failed to start when a context-path modification where needed.

Performance and Monitoring:

  • Greatly reduce logs when users use the zoom feature multiple times in a short period of time.


‣ APIs

  • Add documentation for WEB-UI, Rendition, and JavaScript APIs.

Known issues:

No specific issues have been revealed by our QA team.