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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.3 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.3 of ARender.


‣ Redaction feature

New Features:

‣ Generic Features

  • Add the support of zip64 file type.
  • Redaction buttons can now be used in repeat mode.


‣ Generic Fixes

  • Fix issue when a TXT file was not opened due to a special character.
  • Fix issue when the contextual menu was not shown correctly on small screens.
  • Fix issue when the compare buttons and number of differences disappeared after a page reload.
  • Fix issue when PDF/A converted documents were not removed from the Rendition FileSystem after cache eviction.
  • Fix issue when the selection square around the circle annotation did not disappear after exiting the annotation edit mode.

Known issues:

No specific issues have been revealed by our QA team.