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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.4 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.4 of ARender.


‣ Rendition

  • The Rendition installer is now compatible with RHEL 8.
  • The annotation indicator on thumbnails (green pencil) is now visible on all loaded documents.


‣ Generic Fixes

  • Fix issue when some composite documents (email, zip, or multi documents) were not viewable due to a wrong cache eviction.
  • Fix issue when the delete button of the Document Builder feature was not visible using the arender-new stylesheet.
  • Fix issue when some TIFF files were not visible.
  • Fix issue when ARender HMI for IBM Content Manager start failed due to a missing library.

‣ FileNet connector fix

  • Fix issue when the merge of two FileNet documents failed in a multi Content Platform Engine environment.
  • Fix issue when FileNet document with an empty title could not be opened in ARender.
  • Fix issue when the opening of multiple documents using an XML descriptor file failed:

Known issues:

No specific issues have been revealed by our QA team.