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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.7 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.7 of ARender.


‣ Generic evolution

  • The document comparison feature now disables by default the jump to another document by scrolling.
    • It can be activated using the following property: visualization.multiView.allow.scroll.document.change=true (More details here)


‣ UI Security Fixes

  • Upgrade to spring-core and spring-security-core 5.2.22
  • Upgrade to spring-beans 5.2.20
  • Upgrade to javax.servlet-api 3.1.0

‣ UI monitoring Fixes

  • Fix an issue when ARender did not start due to some metrics tags.
    • More details can be found in the technical release note at the end of this page.

‣ Generic Fixes

  • Fix an issue when the multiple reloading of documents using JavaScript failed
  • Fix an issue when, in some cases, the button download with the compare results was not shown
  • Fix an issue when WMF mime type was not correctly detected. Only fixed for the Rendition deployed on Windows environment.
  • Fix an issue when GIF files were not open correctly (add a difference between GIF with multiple frames and GIF with one frame)
  • Fix an issue when some email files (EML) could not be downloaded (Mail subject ended with CRLF)
  • Fix an issue when the download of some email files (MSG) did not have the right extension.
  • Fix an issue when multiple thumbs from the source document could not be moved to the Document Builder panel without issue.
  • Fix an issue when duplicated bookmarks appeared for multiple documents loading
  • Fix an issue when the blend mode did not work correctly
  • Fix an issue when the DocumentLayout and DocumentMetadata JS callback were not called for multiple documents opening by JS

Known issues:

  • Issue when WMF mime type is not correctly detected on Linux environment.

Technical release note:

  • Properties related to metrics are now all disabled by default.
    • The reason is to ease the integration process and let the integrator enables or not the metrics that he needs.
  • Missing properties for some metrics have been added:
    • Property to enable/disable metric export related to the document opening time (ARender UI component)
    • Property to enable/disable metric export related to the URL parsing (ARender UI component)
    • Property to filter metrics tags from metrics such as system, JVM, tomcat, process, etc. (ARender UI and Rendition component)
    • More information on our documentation: