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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.9 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.9 of ARender. Please find the technical release note at the end of this page.

Reminder: Multiple major security fixes have been added since the version 4.8.8: if you have not update to 4.8.8 yet, we highly recommend all our customers to update to version 4.8.9!


‣ FileNet connector


  • Improvement of all the thumbnail loading time.


‣ Annotation

  • Sticky Note: word-break is now handled nicely


  • Add the annotation type in the annotation popup details:


  • Quick search: the click on the search now allows the user to directly type the searched text (one click less):


  • Stamps: add a stamp with the username by default:



‣ UI fixes

  • Fix an issue when the tablet interface was loaded for the computer with a touch screen,
  • Fix an issue when the thumbnail was not rotated correctly when multiple documents were loaded in the same ARender window,
  • Fix an issue when after a page rotation, a previously deleted annotation reappeared for the user session only.

‣ Rendition fixes

  • Fix an issue when a document was used right after the eviction request but before the end of the eviction process,
  • Fix an issue when some specific emails were slow to be opened.

‣ Docker fixes (Rendition)

  • Fix an issue with Image nurse inconsistency,
  • Fix an issue when DirectOffice was not set up correctly.

‣ IBM FileNet Connector fix

  • Fix an issue when the page image was not resized with the browser frame for documents loaded with XML descriptors.

‣ Connector on Rendition side fixes

  • Fix an issue when the Sticky Note response(s) and status did not appear with a connector on the Rendition side,
  • Fix an issue when the document title was not shown (for all non-e-mail documents),
  • Fix an issue when a non-supported document could not be downloaded (Page not found message was shown).


‣ IBM FileNet WEB-UI Deployment

‣ NFS configuration

‣ Watermarks

‣ Third-party licenses

  • The list of java third parties is their associated licenses integrated into ARender is available on demand. It will be integrated into the installation folders in the next version.

Known issues

  • DirectOffice optional third party is not compatible with the Linux Rendition installer. It should be fixed in the next version.

Technical release note

Rendition - TaskConversion/document-converter

The following property removed rendition.soffice.use.user.install.path (added in version 4.8.7).

The reason is to prevent user/integrator to disable it, as the main goal of this property is to assign each LibreOffice instance to its own environment in order to have multiple conversions in parallel.

IBM FileNet connector

Unecessary libraries have been removed in the arondor-arender-hmi-filenet-{VERSION}.ear/war

The reason a security measure.