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Release note for ARender 4.8.0

ARender 4.8.14 Release Notes

The ARender team presents version 4.8.14 of ARender.

Caution: A regression has been identified regarding emails and zip files, where annotations are not being fetched or saved correctly. The ARender team will soon release a fix for this issue. In the meantime, please refrain from updating to version 4.8.14 if you have emails and zip files.

Reminder: Multiple major security fixes have been added since the version 4.8.8: if you have not update to 4.8.8 yet, we highly recommend all our customers to update to version 4.8.14!


‣ Performance

  • PDF with high-quality JPEG 
    • Significantly faster rendering of PDFs that include high-quality JPEG images.

‣ Annotation

  • Database storage
    • Add PostgreSQL as a supported database for annotation storage

‣ Rendition

  • Supported OS
    • Add the support of Amazon Linux 2 OS


‣ M-Files

  • Document visualisation 
    • Fix the issue when the M-Files document could not be opened in ARender since a security update in ARender 4.8.8

‣ UI fixes

  • Print
    • Fix the issue when the Print All feature was failing for multiple documents
  • Annotation
    • ViewOne INI format
      • Fix the issue when INI annotation was not at the right position in version 4
  • Annotation explorer
    • Fix the issue when a deleted annotation could still be visible in the comment explorer

‣ Rendition fixes

  • Rendering
    •  E-Mails
      • Fix issues when specific e-mails that were not rendered
    •  Images
      • Fix the issue when, on Windows 10, HEIC/HEIF images that were not rendered
    • Multiple documents
      • Fix the issue when the upload of multiple documents was taking too much time to be rendered
      • Fix the issue when an unsupported document in a zip was making the rendering slower than it should
  • Installer
    • Fix an issue when the installer failed on an offline Redhat 8 OS


‣ Rendition configuration on PDF and E-Mails

Known issues

  • DirectOffice optional third party is not compatible with the Linux Rendition installer.